2013 Winners

Here are the 2013 Slow Toy seven as announced at Harrods today.


Moover Dolls Prammoover

The striking Moover Dolls Pram is a true design classic and a stylish addition to any home.  The simple and distinctive curved shape and bold colours appeal in equal measure to parents and toddlers.  Its quality craftsmanship ensures that this timeless classic can withstand years of boisterous love. Described by one mother as ‘quite simply the most beautiful dolls pram I have ever seen’, the Moover Dolls Pram is every little girl’s dream with its beautiful curved design, heart shaped peep hole and roomy carriage – perfect for pushing along treasured dolls and teddies!  Destined to become a modern heirloom, this stylish pram effortlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with bold contemporary looks.  The Moover Pram comes in a choice of two colours and, reassuringly for today’s environmentally aware parents, it is lovingly crafted from wood sourced from sustainable plantations. £74.95


East Coast Activity Cubeeast

The Activity Cube is part of the colourful Rest & Play range from East Coast Nursery. The 5-in-1 toy offers hours of fun, and the generous size and variety of activities allows two or more children to play together. The irresistible, chunky sliding bead coaster and tactile peg maze will amuse younger children, and will help to develop their fine motor skills; while the brightly coloured xylophone and chalk board will bring out the creativity in older children.  Moving the hands of the colourful clock face will begin as a fun activity, but can later become a useful learning tool. Solidly made from wood and using child friendly, non-toxic paint, the Activity Cube is sure to be an instantly popular toy, and will become a long-term favourite for boys or girls.  The bead coaster can be placed upside-down inside the cube for easy storage, but we bet it will spend most of its time up and ready for play! £39.99


GALT Tiny Trikegalt

The traditional wooden Tiny Trike from Galt Toys is an ideal first ride-on toy for young children, to discover the freedom of movement and develop their motor skills.

 The Tiny Trike is a Galt classic that was first introduced into the Galt range in the 1960s. This retro toy has now returned due to popular demand from parents and children. The latest version has had somewhat of a make-over and is tipped to once again become a firm family favourite this Christmas, providing hours of triking fun!

Suitable for children over 12 months, the trike is built from hardwood for strength and durability with safety steering lock and dual front wheels for added stability. With so much fun to be had, they won’t even realise they’re honing key movement and balance skills as they travel, reverse, turn and park all over the house and garden. £39.99


HABA My First Play World Fire BrigadeBild für die Haba Firmenfamilie

HABA’s My First Play World Fire Brigade is a self-contained fire station that houses all little one’s need to tackle fearsome flames. This fantastic set includes mini wooden fire-fighters, fires, a ladder as well as an axe to help any daring rescuer break down the door to tackle the flames! There is also a fire truck with an extendable bendy hose that is ready to squirt water on any imaginary fire that may come its way. Children can fold down the play set front to expose a fire station backdrop complete with fire hydrants and alarm to add to the play value. £34.99


Meccano Multi Models Setmeccano

Multimodels 15 Model Set is 100 per cent Meccano, featuring our iconic metal 'nuts and bolts' construction system, all with a modern twist. The real value of Multimodels is components build into at least 15 different, hard wearing and durable models. The really clever part is that once you've finished playing with one model, take it apart and build it into something new – using the same parts! Alongside traditional silver Meccano components, we've introduced pale blue metal parts and bright orange flexible plastic cables, gears and wheel hubs to give models a cool and contemporary finish. Meccano Multimodels 15 Model Set challenges children's problem solving capabilities, as well as developing manual dexterity and encouraging creative play. Models are only limited by your imagination – from a fully functioning digger with bucket to bulldozer, fighter jet, robot and helicopter. Multimodels 15 Model Set includes 252 parts and suitable for children aged 8 years and over. Meccano lets you build, play, deconstruct, reconstruct and play over and over again! £22.99


Fat Brain Toys TWIGfatbrain

Twig! A gratifying new branch to the Classic Building Block family tree! It's a building set that really offers you the freedom of exploring the-inside-and-the-out of fun designing. Wondering what makes Twig blocks so special? It's not the green conscious design and packaging, the colors, or even the shapes, it's your hands and mind in concert with the finest materials for amazing building. With Twig, you create using your mind's eye… Your mind finds satisfaction in sorting colors, finding solutions for intermixing pieces of varying depth, accommodating diverse interior dimensions and shapes, and making final adjustments to your masterpieces. Twig construction sets refine small motor abilities and helps develop skills in logic, problem solving, visual-spatial ability, creativity and ingenuity, sensory awareness, language & vocabulary proficiencies, cooperative and independent play skills, and artistic expression. £32


Bigjigs Around the World Train Setbigjigs

Travel into an exciting world of geographical discovery with this award winning train set from Bigjigs Toys. A mini sized adventure with a big personality this 78 piece train set will take you on a journey past some of the world's most famous iconic landmarks including Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House and even the great Pyramids of Egypt! Not only can youngsters take a journey past the landmarks, but they can also get involved with building them as they assemble and dissemble using velcro. Suitable for tiny train enthusiasts ages 3 years and up this wonderful wooden railway set will delight and enlighten curious minds as they explore and learn about the world around them. What's more… this set is compatible with most other major wooden rail systems making it simple to expand your set for further adventures.  Made from high quality, sustainable sources this train set will last for years to come. Happy travels! £49.99


The Slow Toy Awards; a bit about the judges!

As you are all aware, this Thursday marks the day that the winners of this year’s Slow Toy Awards are revealed. That’s right! After months of guesses and speculation, the final Slow Seven will be unveiled and the winners will be transported to the heart of our campaign for real toys. Not only that, but this year the ceremony is taking place in the Toy Kingdom at Harrods! The seven winning toys will be available to buy over the Christmas period, so that’s some of your stocking fillers taken care of! All of us here at Asobi would just like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing judges, who together with their little helpers have thrown the final Slow Seven into the limelight.

Kate Carter is the Life and style editor of the Guardian online. Together with her little one, she has been busy testing out each and every one of the nominated toys looking for inspiration, educational value and high-quality manufacturing. It’s no secret that Kate loves to run, and she has recently taken part in The Royal Parks half marathon.

Liat Hughes Joshi is a London-based journalist and author of Raising Children: The Primary Years and What to Buy for Your Baby. As well as having many features in well-known publications such as The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times, she is also a children’s product specialist for AOL UK’s parenting website, making her the perfect candidate for uncovering this year’s Slow Seven.

Nina Hinchliffe is a fun-loving, North-Yorkshire mum and talented author of Monster’s Fun House, a blog dedicated to reviewing the best in children’s toys and developments. Parents have come to rely on Nicola for her honest and personal reviews, so we knew she’d make a fantastic judge on this year’s panel.

Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood are well-known children’s television presenters, and we’re thrilled to have them both on the judging panel. If you’re a fan of The One Show, you’ll know that Angellica is a regular reporter attracting an audience of over 5 million every night at 7pm on BBC 1. As for Michael, he is currently hosting the Heart Breakfast Show which goes out to Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Again, thank you to the amazing judges and of course thank you Harrods for joining us in our campaign for slow toys. We can hardly contain our excitement! The winners of the #SlowToyAwards will be announced this Thursday at 10am, so make sure you’re tuned in to Asobi’s twitter feed!