Slow Toy Awards Return to Challenge the Toy Industry Once Again


The team behind the ground breaking Slow Toy Movement are thrilled to announce that their Awards programme is back and officially open for entries tomorrow. Now in its third year the activity promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

The inspired campaign, which has captured the attention of the global toy industry since its launch in 2011, aims to challenge what are considered the mainstream must have toys. With a new category this year and an enviable panel of prestigious judges, the 2014 Slow Toy Awards are set to cause a wave of excitement across the UK and world once more.

Brand new for 2014, the Slow Toy team are excited to unveil a new craft category. Although craft toys may not stand the test of time physically, they still ignite the imagination, inspire creativity and give children the freedom to develop at their own pace. The Slow Toy Team felt that craft products reflect the messaging behind the Slow Toy Movement concept and wanted to give this sector the opportunity to be recognised for an award. The 2014 Slow Craft Toy, will be a separate accolade to the original Slow Seven and will add an exciting dimension to this year’s awards.

Just like previous years the 2014 Slow Toy Awards aim to recognise the ‘real toys’ on the market that are well made, inspire the mind and provide children far more than the noise and flashing lights commonly associated with the toys of today.

Commenting on the third Slow Toy Awards, Founder of the original Slow Toy Movement, Thierry Bourret said: “We have been inundated with requests and queries about the 2014 awards and I am delighted to announce they are now officially open for entries. Following the feedback from last year’s awards, we found a lot of brands wanted to enter craft toys, however because of our criteria for durability, these toys didn’t make the shortlist. Although craft toys may not stand the test of time physically, they are fantastic Slow Toys in other aspects, so I am thrilled to unveil the new craft category.

He continued: I am overwhelmed with the success of the Slow Toy Awards, the reaction to the campaign has exceeded my expectations tenfold and I am so excited that the awards are taking place again this year. I can’t wait to see what entries we get and to award the Slow Toy recognition to eight toys that inspire the mind and have true play value!”

As of 9am tomorrow (17.07.14) the awards are open for entry up until the deadline at 5pm on 17th August. Simply email ENTER to for the entry form. 

To ensure we do not alienate anyone and welcome all brands both big and small, the awards are free to enter. However it should be noted that 5 non-returnable samples will be required for those who are shortlisted and there is also a small fee to pay if you win to contribute to publicity.