2014 Slow Toy Awards at John Lewis Oxford Street

The results for the 2014 Slow Toy Awards are now in and the team could not be more excited to be heading to John Lewis Oxford St this October (23.10.14) to reveal the winners – each one honoured because it captures the essence of the inspiring Slow Toy Movement. 

This year’s final Slow Seven include; The Doctor’s Set and Fire Engine Set from Le Toy Van, The Plush Wheelybug from Hippychick, The 24-piece Magnetic Wooden block set from Tegu, The Shop Till with Scanner from Bigjigs, The Multimodels 10 Model set from Meccano and the Carry Case Finger Puppet Theatre from Fiesta Crafts. Taking the crown for the Slow Craft Toy is the Cardboard Land of Fantasies from CALAFANT.

The Slow Toy Movement is the creation of Thierry Bourret, a man whose unfaltering passion to campaign for change has secured the success of this cultural movement, which began in 2011.  Frustrated by the annual ‘Christmas wish lists’ which included countless battery operated plastic toys that distract children with noises and lights, Thierry decided to alter the  mind-set of those in the toy industry.  The concept was met with great interest and with winners from USA and Germany this year the movement has undoubtedly captured the world.  

The disappearance of the more traditional, beautifully crafted wooden toys is at the heart of the movement and its award aim to highlight the ‘real’ toys on the market that inspire children, will stand the test of time and offer true play value. Brand new for 2014, the team introduced the Slow Craft Toy, a new category that recognised craft toys that inspire and allow children to use their own creativity, but may not last a lifetime.

The response to the 2014 awards was overwhelming. Not only was there an unprecedented amount of entries, but with the support of John Lewis and the significant panel of judges, this year’s awards are sure to make their mark once again!  Although there is a place for the technical and mass produced toys of today, the reaction to this movement shows there’s certainly a need for ‘real toys’ too!

Commenting on the exciting news announcement, Thierry Bourret said: 

“The success of the Slow Toy Movement has been one of my greatest achievements and each year it continues to amaze me how much support we receive. The Slow Toy Movement and it’s awards seemed to have taken on a life of their own, not only has it engaged industry experts, but our campaign has been mentioned in articles not only nationally but internationally too! It was my dream to have this level of appreciation for good quality, well-made toys that encourage traditional play and stimulate a child’s imagination and I am just overwhelmed that this is now a reality.

He continued: “Not only has the 2014 awards  uncovered eight wonderful products, we have also managed to team up with one of the countries loved department stores to help spread the word! I can only hope that the Slow Toy Awards has established its place firmly in the industry, so we can continue to bring the world’s best toys to the toy boxes of children in the UK!” 

All winning Slow Toys will be available from the John Lewis website (www.johnlewis.com) from 12am Thursday 23rd October 2014.


  • Ian Ellis, Toys and Books Buyer at John Lewis
  • Kate Carter, the life and style editor at the Guardian online
  • Liat Hughes Joshi, parenting journalist and published author of ‘What to Buy Your Baby’
  • Alison Canavan, parenting specialist and international model (alisoncanavan.com)
  • Sally J. Hall, Editor of B magazine and published author
  • Jennie Henley, the top parenting blogger behind www.edspire.co.uk,

Information on the winners:



Doctor SetThe Doctor’s Set – Le Toy Van

A vintage style, child sized, fabric Doctor’s Bag filled with wooden medical instruments and bottles. Suitable for ages 3+, the set includes a toy stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure gauge, ear scope, reflex hammer, scissors and two medicine bottles. Designed in the UK & ethically made in Indonesia.

An ideal toy for both boys and girls to inspire creative play through imagining themselves in the role of a doctor. Allowing children to look back and use their experience of visits to the doctor to recall instruments used and activities they were engaged in and to use that to inspire their own play. £39

Fire TruckFire Engine Set – Le Toy Van

Call the Fire Brigade! A sturdy painted wooden vehicle with an extendable ladder and multiple accessories. Complete with poseable Budkin Fire Chief.


When children hear the sound of a fire- engine whizzing down the street, or have a school   visit from the Fire Brigade, they are intrigued and stimulated to create dramatic stories where they are in control of the action- This set enables them to do just that. Painted in traditional red engine with a strong front ‘bumper’ bar, an extending ladder, a manually operated wind- up hose string mechanism, and a driver’s cab complete with a bendable Firefighter character, there are plenty of activities to engage and inspire children. £45

Multi setMultimodels 10 Set – Meccano




Have a lot of fun building and rebuilding your toy into 10 different models! 1 model can be built at a time. Includes 260+ parts, tools and detailed building instruction sheet for 4 models, building instructions for the other 6 models are available at www.meccano.com/uk. For ages 8 years and up.


The possibilities with Meccano are endless.  If you can build it with Meccano, then you can built in real life!  Each kit comes with detailed instructions to create a Dump Truck and other inspiring vehicles.  Further instructions can be downloaded from www.meccano.com/uk or alternatively kids can let their imaginations run wild. Made from high quality metal, Meccano lasts for years, being passed on from generation to generation and is made to stand the test of time.  No batteries required. Meccano requires time and patience but the results are extremely rewarding. £19.99

Finger puppet theatreFinger Puppet Theatre – Fiesta Crafts

A Wooden theatre that's ready to go where you go! Open up the wooden Carry-Case Theatre and quickly slot the parts together to make a finger puppet theatre, making a wonderful alternative to the usual screen-based entertainment.


This Theatre is also its own carry-case as it folds into itself for neat storage and transporting to the next show. From a parent's or teacher's perspective finger puppets are fabulous for a child's development. Puppets encourage children to be creative, imaginative and communicative in ways very few other toys could achieve. With the Carry-case Theatre children will want to put on a show which will help them improve their speech and language skills and boost their confidence no end. It features satin top curtains and gold-trimmed velour side curtains that can be pulled open for dramatic effect. There is even a mini-chalkboard to ‘announce’ show times or the title of the latest ‘blockbuster’! £25.99

TillShop Till with Scanner – Bigjigs Toys

A brightly coloured wooden Shop Till with Scanner, supplied with pretend wooden and paper money, credit card, receipt roll and barcode scanner.

This sturdy wooden shop till, pretend money, credit card, receipt roll and barcode scanner are sure to appeal to children who enjoy a creative role play session, playing on their own as shop keeper or serving their customer friends in group play.  There's even a drawer to keep the takings safe and help the young shop keeper practise their basic numeracy skills £29.99

Tegu set24 Piece Magnetic Wooden Block Set – Tegu

Tegu’s 24-Piece Set of magnetic wooden building blocks contains 24 beautifully “tinted” blocks in six different shapes. The blocks are made of high quality and sustainably sourced Central American hardwoods in a patent-pending manufacturing process.  Tegu’s gravity-defying blocks create boundless opportunities for open-ended play.

Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks combine the twin joys of traditional wooden building blocks and the gravity-defying ‘magic’ of magnetism. They are many toys in one; a race car, a lion, a family, a fortress, a space station, an ice cream stand, anything a child’s imagination can dream up! Our modular system of play ensures that all pieces and sets are compatible.  People are often surprised when two wooden blocks satisfyingly ‘click’ and ‘clack’ together. Tegu toys are designed to grow with children and provide an authentic open-ended play experience that is both fun and educational. £55

WheelybugPlush WheelyBug – Hippychick

Wheelybugs are handmade multi-directional ride-on toys that are fantastic for developing self-confidence, co-ordination, balance, gross motor skills and spatial awareness. The ‘Bugs’ are beautifully crafted from high quality materials and their distinctive shape, coupled with a fun and friendly design, ensures an instant attraction to girls and boys alike. 

The Wheelybug has achieved cult status thanks to its unique, instantly loveable design and lasting play value.  This is a toy that in one adorable package gives children the ride of their lives and parents a design classic that they can be proud to have on show in their home.


Calafant RobotCardboard Land of Fantasies – CALAFANT




CALAFANT are made of high quality cardboard. They are easy to assemble without glue and any tools. They can be painted and decorated with all kinds of paint and decoration material. There are abt. 50 models in different sizes. The cardboard material is 100% recyclable


CALAFANT encourage children's creativity and motoric skills. Children can create their own imaginative play worlds. Due to the pre-punched parts and special Easy-lock system they are easy to assemble. Children can paint and decorate the toys according to their own imagination with various kinds of paint and decoration materials, including natural materials. Children can play with a toy created by them and can express their feelings and experiences. The high quality cardboard enables long lasting play duration. Calafant toys do not require batteries and are made without any plastic material. £19.99 / £24.99