Alan Dershowitz aided sex offender Jeffrey Epstein obtain a plea deal. Now he’s tweeting about chronilogical age of permission guidelines.

“I’m likely to continue steadily to speak out until the time we die, ” the Harvard legislation professor told Vox.

Whenever Jeffrey Epstein discovered away in 2005 which he had been examined by authorities for the intimate punishment of underage girls, he called Alan Dershowitz.

A Harvard Law class teacher and high-profile protection attorney, Dershowitz assisted negotiate a “non-prosecution agreement” under which Epstein served simply 13 months in a county prison, a lot of it used on “work release” in a workplace. From the time information on that contract had been reported by Julie K. Brown of this Miami Herald, Dershowitz and their part into the deal have now been under additional scrutiny.

That just increased this week because of the book of a brand new Yorker tale by reporter Connie Bruck, detailing perhaps maybe not just Dershowitz’s part in protecting Epstein, but additionally allegations by two ladies who state which they had been directed to own intercourse with Dershowitz whilst in Epstein’s orbit. Dershowitz vehemently denies both allegations.

Despite extensive focus on their role when you look at the Epstein situation — and a defamation suit in one of their accusers — Dershowitz doesn’t have intention of laying low. For example, he will continue to publicly criticize laws that are age-of-consent lately on Twitter, early in the day this week.

The american legal system continues to favor powerful men who can pay high-profile attorneys for some, his defense of Epstein is a reminder of the way.

But Dershowitz views himself since the party that is wronged victimized by ladies who are lying about him, but determined to clear their name. Continue reading